Orchard Lake Hockey Association 2014 Red Season Information

Head Coach - Corey Elkins
(248) 830-8901

Co-Manager - Aaron Scheinker

Co-Manager - Michelle Seymour
(248) 790-5101

Assistant Coach - Joe Cibor

Assistant Coach - Zach Doyen

Assistant Coach - Derek Larkin

Assistant Coach - Brendan Rooney

Assistant Coach - Brian Seymour

corey elkins

Coach Corey Elkins

Coach Elkins has been a Skating and Skills Development Coach for over 10 years.

He personally trained at Orchard Lake during his entire Professional Hockey Career.

Orchard Lake was his home rink for his experience training players as a Skating and Skills Development Coach.

Corey's Professional Resume Includes

- 11 years as a Professional Hockey Player in the NHL/AHL/Europe
- 2X Championship in Czech Republic (Chechia) and Finland.
- Team USA  - Deutschland Cup 2012


2023 Fall 2014 Red Team Info

The newly formed 2014 Orchard Lake Red is excited to make a splash in the standings.  Although a new team, the majority of the players have extensive experience at a level of strong competition.   Many players have had full seasons with each other on other competitive teams.

On-Ice Schedule:

- Mondays           (6 - 7:15 PM)
- Wednesdays      (7 - 8:15 PM)
- Sundays            (2:30 - 4 PM)

This Years exciting events

- Grinder Goblin Grand Rapids Tournament
- Silver Sticks Tournament
- Buckeye Classics Tournament